Primewest Management:

Responsive Website

Primewest Management is a property management company in Los Angeles, and has been in service for over 20 years. Their mission is to maintain a high standard of reliability and accountability and to give owners peace of mind by ensuring that their properties are well taken care of.

Challenge: The goal was to build a platform that mirrors their professionalism and to increase efficiency through reliable website structure - including key functions such as rental application, vacancy listing, rental payments, maintenance requests, and owner/tenant portal.

8 Weeks

Primewest Management

Logo, UX strategy, UI Design

Previous Sitemap

The company shared their concerns about the website’s inefficiency. They desired to have a professional website that would be trustworthy and convenient. The previous site consisted of 8 pages, 4 of which were informational and lacked content. Rental applications consisted of 100 questions, yet it was in the form of a questionnaire on a single page. This gave a negative impression on the company’s trustworthiness; the company was worried that prospective clients would be overwhelmed and would not apply. Additionally, it was inconvenient and confusing for property owners, tenants, and new clients because of how the resources were meshed into one navigation bar.

Understanding the User Problem

Unresponsive website - Users on mobile devices, tablets, or other devices would experience limitations in viewing and using the site.

Inefficient structure - Users would have to navigate through many different pages without obtaining the information they needed.

Inadequate brand voice - Users could not sense professionalism and reliability due to the site’s outdated and incomplete arrangement.

Revised Sitemap

The separate pages were revised into a single page website that suited their content and needs. Appfolio software was linked to the website to provide a user-friendly experience. Rental forms could conveniently be filled out using this software in organized steps rather than a single-page questionnaire. Tenants and owners would have access to a portal where they can check their status, pay rent, request maintenance, etc.

Project Perspective

Responsive website - Users are able to view and use the site on any device, which enhances their experience and attract more clients.

Efficient structure - Unnecessary pages were organized into one comprehensive page and tenant/owner portal linked for convenience.

Clear Brand voice - Appfolio property management software was connected to serve as a professional and reliable resource to provide vacancy listing widgets, rental application, and a portal of owners and tenants.


A logo is the core part of a company’s brand identity. Primewest Management was in need of a right face to represent the company. I took into account the 5 most important assets of the company (reliable, managing, structured, prompt, and organized) and created a logo mark based on them.