Post a Craft:

Mobile App Design

Post a Craft is a mobile application for kids who love art and craft, mainly targeted for elementary students to middle schoolers. Post a Craft provides lots of interesting craft ideas. Also it’s a place where kids can post their projects, and share their ideas safely without getting exposed to any inappropriate postings which they might encounter in most social medias targeted for grown ups. The app will have AI filtering system on every parts of postings such as comments, captions, photos to spot offensive words, phrases before sending content to human moderators for review.

4 Weeks

Sketch, Principle, Photoshop

UX / UI Design

User Persona

Flow Chart

The app consists of 5 sections. First, there’s a home section where shows postings from friends, and there’s an explore section to see other people’s postings. Next to the home, there is a craft section, where art and craft ideas can be found. At the center camera/picture section is located for posting. Fourthly, there’s a monster section where users can take care of their monsters by feeding, patting, doodling, and decorating. Last section would be a user page where they can check their postings and change settings, etc.


To highlight and visually represent the main options I created custom icons for each.