Herdez is one of the largest salsa brand, well known for their authentic and quality products. I created a logo that will represent the qualities and nature of the company based on the brand voice I came up with, which are fiery, Mexican/Aztec, natural, trustworthy, appetizing, and authentic.


Milwaukee is known as “The City of Festivals” for its great number of ethnic and musical festivals, which can bring great amount of tourism and business to the city. Festive is picked as one of the brand voices along with blue-collar, german, brewery and urban.


Primewest Management was in need of right face to represent the company. I picked 5 possible branding voices that describe the company which are reliable, managing, structured, prompt, and organized, and created the logo mark based on them.


Samhwa is a small ceramic studio where makes beautiful potteries and offers pottery classes to public in Korea. The brand voices I picked are artistic, creative, elegant, and fun.